Setting up an Instagram Feed - Social Media 101
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setting up an instagram feed

Social Media 101: Setting up an Instagram Feed

Setting Up an Instagram Feed

If you have never used social media, setting up an Instagram account can seem a little overwhelming but we are here to help! Want to set up a new account for your business so you can expand your marketing strategy and reach new potential customers? Follow the steps below and we will have your Instagram feed up and running in no time!

  1. Download the Instagram App

    Instagram only works on mobile devices so you must have a smart phone or tablet to download and use Instagram. Head over to the app store and download the Instagram app for free.

  2. Launch the App and Click the Sign Up Button

    Look for the phrase near the bottom of the screen that says “Don’t have an account? Sign up.” From here you can choose to log in with Facebook or sign up with phone or email. For these directions we will sign up with an email but you can choose the best option for you. Enter your email then click Next.

  3. Add a Photo and Set Up Your Username and Password

    Upload a photo that represents your business. A logo works great! Then simply type in your name (optional), and select a username and password. Then click the Next Button.

  4. Connect to Facebook, Find Contacts, & Choose a Few Interests

    Next you will be prompted to connect to your Facebook account. You can either choose to connect or skip this step. You can also search your contacts for friends that may already be on Instagram. This is a good way to find friends and start building your following. Instagram will then ask you to choose a few interests. This is so they can start building your newsfeed. You can choose a few categories or skip and move on to the Discover People page. When you have finished following a few accounts click Done. P.S. All of these steps are optional. They are useful to help you get started but you do not have to use them.

  5. Set up Your Profile

    Congratulations! You have successfully set up your first Instagram account. You will need to set up your profile so click on the icon of a user near the bottom of your screen to view your profile. From here click the Edit Profile button near the top. Here you can add or edit any of your profile options including your name, username, profile pic, your website url, a short bio, your email, phone number, and gender.  Make sure you utilize the website and bio sections. This will give users a way to go directly to your website and find out what you’re all about. When you are finished click Done.

  6. Post Your First Photo

    Now you are ready to post your first Instagram photo! Click on the blue camera button located at the bottom center of your screen. Select the photo you want to post then click Next. Then you can apply filters, set the lux, and use tools to edit your photos easily. There are also tons of great photo editing apps that I love to use before posting my photos! Once you are done editing click next and you will see a screen where you can add a caption, set the location, tag friends, and set up sharing to your other social accounts. You definitely want to write a caption and include up to three relevant hashtags. Tag other users, clients, brands, or accounts when applicable and set the location if it is noteworthy. When you have everything set up the way you like it, click the blue share bar at the bottom of your screen. You have just shared your first Instagram post!

I hope these six steps on setting up an Instagram feed were helpful! Remember to have fun with it! Instagram is a more personal app so you can feel free to add your own personal touch to each photo you share. Mix up the types of photos you share, post relevant hashtags, and engage with other users and you will be a pro in no time. Be sure to follow our account @wolfeinteractive.

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