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our favorite design tools

My Favorite Design Tools Right Now

As a designer and creative, I am always in search of the newest trends, graphics, design tools and ideas. Whether I need inspiration for a web page layout or I want to stay on top of all my to do lists, these 5 design tools help me get the job done efficiently and beautifully. The following are not only my favorite design tools of the moment but also the design tools I use the most. I can not live without them, and neither should you.

Creative Market

Creative Market is the best place to find a wide range of design tools and goods. They have everything: logos, stock images, fonts, graphics, templates, web themes, brushes, photoshop tools and so much more. Everything is reasonably priced and they even give away free goods every Monday! I am constantly looking to Creative Market for new fonts, web elements, and even inspiration.


Stock photography can be great for your website but they can also be super cheesy. is a great site to find unique stock images that you won’t find anywhere else. Stocksy features a carefully curated selection of royalty-free stock images that are creative, high quality, inexpensive, and beautiful. Their talented community of photographers bring you the best images on the market. Stocksy is one of my absolute favorite stock photo sites and one of my most used browser bookmarks.

Basecamp 3

Basecamp helps me keep myself organized and up to date on what my team is working on. It is a great tool to delegate tasks, communicate with my team, keep my appointments organized, stay on top of my to-do list, run reports on my employees and our overall efficiency, set deadlines, share files, and even communicate with my clients. All of that in one easy to use location! They also have an awesome mobile app that will notify my when the team finishes tasks and remind me about upcoming meetings. The notifications even show up on my apple watch so I am always up to date on what’s happening whether I am in or out of the office. Basecamp is an essential tool for staying organized when you have a lot ongoing projects. I can’t live without it!

Adobe Color CC

Adobe Color is a simple but useful design tool to generate color schemes for your website or marketing materials. You can easily capture cohesive color combinations with your mobile device or find inspiration from their online explore section. If you have one color you know you like but want to expand your palette, you can use the create feature to mix and match colors and find schemes by analogous, monochromatic, triad, complementary, compound, shades, or create your own custom color scheme.


Themeforest is my go to marketplace for finding dynamic WordPress themes. With over 21,000 website templates, I know I can always find the perfect theme to customize for my client. When I am working on a client site I almost always have a themeforest theme demo up on another monitor to use as inspiration so I know I am building the best possible website for my client and utilizing all of the best elements available. Themeforest has everything you need to get started building a beautiful website from corporate to creative and everything in between.

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